About project

Morflax Experiments is an area for our experiments and digital art. We create experimental content, clothing, and combining different technologies into one unique product. We are using 3D modeling and WebGL technology to create an interactive 3D experience, virtual and argument reality.

Here we will publish our latest experiments and research.


Experiments in 3D modeling

And then there was THIS

Virtual reality &
Digital avatars

Digital universe

It is an experimental brand, platform for Morflax experiments and digital art. Brand represents the digital and parallel universe called THIS.UNIVERSE, inspired by the computer simulation hypothesis and cyberpunk movement. It’s not just about fashion or simulated reality, it’s about joining art and technology, about creating virtual worlds, interactive performances, and unique experience.

We create digital characters and virtual worlds to bring innovations to business, brands, marketing, and art.

Digital universe and digital avatars are an advanced marketing tool that empowers people and brands in communications. These technologies are changing the economy and our experience.


Experiments in web interaction

The power of new technologies

Awake website

AWAKE is our first experiment with WebGL technology and 3D modeling. With this project, we wanted to show the power of new 3D technologies within the bounds of minimalism, digital art and aesthetics. The content of the site is beautifully wrapped in a space sheath using objects such as an asteroid, stars and astronaut in it.

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