We’re Morflax, a creative technology and design company. Building things on the web and metaverse.

A small creative 3D design and technology startup founded by Augis Kaleinykas.

Morflax builds in-house products that help people and companies enter a new dimension in the web and metaverse.

We’re moving beyond 2D, into an unlimited world of 3D experiments and innovations.


We’re building design tools to make 3D content creation easier, using 3D real-time rendering technologies.

Online 3D design platform, right in your browser. 3D device mockups, illustrations and 3D video animations.


We’re building an experimental digital brand with its own vision, characters, products, and tools.

3D character from upcoming experimental metaverse brand. NFT collection, 3D digital assets, virtual worlds and more cool things.


We’re exploring new horizons of the metaverse. We build digital assets, avatars, and virtual environments.

Ecosystem of
tools & experiments

Over the years, we have created many new projects and experiments. We aim to bring something new and unique to each of them.

...and it’s everything about


Mixing Art

& Business

3D character from upcoming metaverse brand. NFT collections, digital avatars and 3D clothing. A simple 3D design platform that creates high-quality branding and marketing assets. 3D device mockups, illustrations and 3D video animations.

“We don't have to choose between art or technology. Our brand reminds us that it doesn't have to fit in a box. It can just be in a gray area.”

* This is a reworked version of Virgil Abloh's legendary quote.

Wireframe floor background image. Black style.